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BUDGET 2009 – Predictions by July 5, 2009

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Budget 2009– Leading India towards Becoming a World Economic power …



For the first time in Indian history, four key planets are in a very comfortable position during the budget announcement on 6th July 09 . Mars in Aries, Mercury in Gemini, Venus in Taurus and Guru of all planets Jupiter in Kumbh(Aquarius) may shower their blessing on the Indian economy. 

What are the expectations of the Indian people? What kind of a budget will it be? According to Financial astrology, the year 2010-11 is represented by figure two and three and Moon and Jupiter are the key planet for these figures. All the combinations of the planets will be most favorable toward tele-communications, Power, Higher educations, Woman educations, real state, Media, banking, Infrastructure sectors. Special considerations for oil sectors are also expected. 

As Budget will be placed on 6th July 2009 and Figure 6 will be allotted to Venus  which represents  Auto, Media, Higher and technical  educations, Tourism, Art and culture, Sugar, Hotel, sports, etc.  It also indicates that the Government will pay much attention toward moderations of Security forces and banking. Great opportunities will be provided to foreign direct investment in banking, telecommunications, insurance, energy, auto, media, sectors to increase employment of Youth at the global level. Most high tech educations institutes from all over globe may invite to open their branches in India. As per financial astrology this unique combinations. Even Jupiter will be most favorable, being under retro position (reverse direction).

Expectations from the budget 2010-11:

1. Main Focus is expected towards Youth and middle income group major relief is expected to provide by relaxation in income tax rebate. Income tax exemptions may increase till Rs. One lack eighty thousand to two lacks and woman tax payer may be allowed tax free income by two lacks to two lacks twenty five thousand and above and Senior citizen may also be given suitable relief by tax free income around 2.5 lacks yearly.


2. Reductions in direct taxes


3. Major announcement for educations and higher technical educations for new higher educations institutes at various places of country


4. Upgradation of hospitals and opening new super specialist hospitals at different part of country. The Government may announce to open big number of primary health center in country especially in remote areas


5. Major announcement for aid to woman educations and adult educations in rural area


6. Special announcement for farmers in term of Agri insurance, Agricultural equipment


7. Special announcement for housing sectors for further relaxations in Housing loans and house owner if they rent out.  Special announcement for low income group for housing scheme


8. Announcement is expected for electronic and print media sectors, fresh foreign investment limit and other relaxation may announce


9. Power sectors may be one of the most benefited sectors for providing assistance in set up power plants and other power related industries to fulfil the aim to provide 100% electricity to all the village and Industries.


10. Altrantive energy like wind power water power mails etc may also be benefited


11. Oil and Gas sectors may also likely to get some relaxations


12. Promotional steps to health insurance


13. Hike in educations budget


14. Special announcement for defense personnel’s


15. Special announcement for minority, sc and ST students at various schemes

16. Minimum wages target may increase

17. Total loan waiver for the marginal farmers possessing small piece of land. Special rebate in buying Agri cultural equipment and tools.

18. Special credit and loan facility to small farmers in buying Agri equipment.

79. Small farmers having land up to one and two hectares.

Post budget expectations 

1. Inflations rates may show an upward trend

2. GDP growth may be between 7.5% to 8.5% in year 2010-11

3. Within 2 -3 years time period shortage of power may not be seen in India

4. India can save big foreign currieries in crude oil in next 2-3 years time frame

5. Indian industrial growth will also be improved

6. There will be big political debate on budget

7. Prices of food, vegetable, may not effected

8. Relaxion in Income tax may not enough with the view of 6th pay commission revised pay scale

9. Big industries may not be satisfied with banking policies

10. Higher income group persons may not be benefited

11. Housing loan rates may come down

12.  Stock and commodity future traders may welcome budget

– By Lt Col Ajay

                                    Celebrity FINANCIAL astrologer at


Railway Budget 2009 July 4, 2009

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Railway Budget 2009 –Highlights

Minister – Mamta Banerjee

  1. Improvement in passenger amenities
  2. Indian railways and it will set up a panel to look at innovative financing for unviable projects
  3. 3.      “The old mindset of economic viability should be substituted by social viability,” Mamta Banerjee
  4. Availability of janta khana to in railway stations.
  5. Develop 50 stations as world class stations. 309 will be developed as ideal stations.
  6. 6.      Railways would provide one doctor in every long distance train and introduce infotainment services for Rajdhani and Shatabdi Express
  7. Railways will sell tickets from 5,000 post offices across the country.
    Special facilities will be provided at 309 stations and economic viability will not be the only index,”
  8. For the first time Railways would introduce 50 mobile rail ticket vans and air-conditioned double decker coaches will for intercity commuters.
  9. The Railways will introduce ATMs on 200 mid and small sized stations across the country and passengers can also avail SMS updates for wait-listing.

10.  Toilets will be provided for trains even for journeys below two hours.

11.  She rolled out ‘Izzat’: a scheme for giving privelages to people with income levels below Rs 1500 per month. Also media persons will get a discount of 50% on their bookings.

12.  The scheme wherein students get discounts on their metro passes has been extended and the discount increased to 60%.

13.  Minimum Tatkal fee has been reduced from Rs 150 to Rs 100. Tatkal fee will be a percentage of the fair.

14.  Meanwhile, on a macro level the railways’ will put land to productive use along its freight corridor and will set up a 1000-mega watt power plant.


Pedi Glow – great for summers & monsoons July 2, 2009

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foot-care-kitVLCC launched its foot care solution (as they call it) Pedi Glow recently and i happened to try it! It was a impluse buy at the super market but turned out to be quite effective. The pack contains a liquid wash for the feet, a scrub, cream and a spray. The entire collection has a lovely orange fragrance! It instantly refreshes the feet and leaves behind a beautiful fragrance… Its ideal for women after a long day’s work… I specifically said women cause we do a lot of work and that too wearing heels.

This is a great product, it alomst comes close to giving one’s self a pedicure at home and is extremely affordable. Although i am not a great fan of the foot spray in pack. for a foot spray i would recommend The Body Shop – peppermint foot spray anyday!


Twitter with flickr & flickr your twitter!

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I am not mad about tweeting, its just that i have come across some very interesting stuff about twitter recently. Now you can tweet your flicker pics You can upload directly to Flickr and Twitter simultaneously, or tweet a photo already on Flickr, using a special short URL.

To set it up: Source

  1. Choose Twitter from the add a blog page and follow the steps to authorize posting to Twitter.
  2. Save the address in your mobile device or email address book – it looks just like your regular unique email address, only it contains “2twitter”. If you forget it, you can always see it in your Email settings.

Tweet a pic from your mobile

From your mobile device, just send a photo or video to the 2Twitter address. The Subject line of the message will be both the Flickr title and the tweet. You have 116 characters to tweet, the rest will be the URL.From Flickr, just use the “Blog this” button on a photo page when available. Flickr members can chose to turn off “Blog this” on their photos, so you may not always see it.

Happy tweeting


Who’s not Tweeting?? July 1, 2009

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button_twitterEveryone is…Tweeting~ ;-). I was shocked & surprised to find NDTV using twitter as a tool in Rakhi Sawant’s Swayambar.. yep thats true Rakhi Sawant is Tweeting directly from the Fateh Garh Fort in Udaipur. Who else is Fever 104, the famous music director Vishal Dadlani, Pepsi, Nike all the brands are right there~!


I just read this great article on the most successful brands using twitter and the real people behind them… Its a great read. Brand communicators are increasingly coming to terms with social media. Smart brands use social media smartly!

Many discard it, tossing the measurablity element. However social media communications and by this i dont mean banner ads on social networks.. brands a part of permission led marketing communications which is far more effective than other traditional means of communications.  For example who cares what a car company has to say in 140 characters or less, right? Well,  some of the biggest car manufacturers are using the medium (twitter)to connect with customers, fight misconceptions, and convince people to give their vehicles a test drive. The brands, and the people behind them, highlighted here are engaging with their biggest fans and critics, and they’re doing it all via real-time tweets.


  1. Every single second of every single day, Twitter’s 5 Million users mention brands they LOVE and HATE. AND Twitter is growing at a rate of 1382% per year (Source: Twitter Search, Forrester Research)
  2. 13 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute
  3. There are more than 133 million blogs in the world (Source: Technorati)
  4. Facebook has more than 200,000,000 users worldwide (Source: 



Kaun banega Rakhi ka pati?

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I have a sense that a large part of this nation is following Rakhi’s Swayambar. It started this monday and i must admit its quite entertaining!! Whatever said and done, this woman has managed to glue an entire nation to the television set for an hour! Good thinking by the NDTV creative team.


when the ads for this show began to appear more than a month back, I wondered which man in his right senses would want to do something like this. But once i saw the candidates it all fell in place…

I mean struggling actors, models, stunt men etc etc…. although they all add another qualification to their set of credentials but its not rocket science to figure that most of them need a stepping stone in bollywood and our drama queen will be that step – should the wedding happen! and guess what Rakhi is tweeting direct from fateh Garh Palace.

I have followed the show last 3 days and here is my take, each episode Rakhi gives a gift / token to one or two participants (and the man is obviously on cloud 9). My gut is that she would keep giving away something or the other and keep the suspense on… and then finally it will be one pati who winner!

the TRP is 3.5 which is higher than an IPL match!

and this is only 3 days into the show…there is more action coming up!


Its a new day

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There has been so talk going on about the world going 2.0! blogs seems to have become a done thing! The CEO of Yahoo joins a VC firm as a resident entreprenuer to figure cloud computing! Every one is talking micro blogging, tweets are catching up and suddenly there is a huge information overload.

Nevertheless web 2.0 is a great source of information exchange and I am so looking forward to my journey here!